Make it Monday (err…Wednesday)

The holidays are here, which means the return of Make It Monday.  As all you teachery types know, we lose track of the days once the hols start, so you’ll forgive me if this week’s Make It arrives on a Wednesday.

We have a lot of books in our house, enough to open a shop I’m sure.  Not all of them are worth reading.  So this summer, I intend to put some of this paper to better use.

Here is this week’s project:

You will need: one unsuspecting novel (as you can see no great works of literature were harmed in this project), a black pen, a pencil and some tippex.




Take out a few pages, I like books where the pages are somewhat weathered.


Next, draw round your outline (that bit is up to you) in pencil and then carefully go over your pencil line in tippex.



Repeat for as many letters (or whatevers) you need.

Finally, add definition by going around the inside of the white tippex line with a black fine liner.



Not a bad turnout for all of 15 mins work.  Now all I need is frames and I have some new classroom art.




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