Sensational sentences #1

My students struggle to write in a way that is engaging and inspiring.  They disagree with me, of course.  They think what they write is just fine.  And because most of their reading matter is texts from their mates or the sports pages, I can’t really argue.  So we had a little competition this last term to see who can write the most sensational sentences.  The idea was sparked by @Xris32 (also at and his sentence structures project.   If you are literacy or an English teacher and aren’t involved, get hold on board.

The next few posts will be dedicated to some of the best from my year 7s:

Sensational sentences #1

Based on Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities but given a futuristic, dystopian edge.  Imagine a world where you are controlled by the government (I know, I said “imagine” right).

It was the best of spy technology;
It was the worst of times for humanity;
It was an age of eternity;Examples Sensational sentences 2It was an age of control;
It was an epoch of destruction;
It was an epoch of true evil;
It was a season of despair;
It was a season of hell.

Sensational sentences #2

Next came our shaped sentences based on Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time.

My personal favourite is the renamed facebook, I-C-U.
Examples Shaped sentences

More sensational sentences to follow…


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