Sensational sentences #2

In my last post I mentioned various attempts to encourage students to write in a more engaging manner.  I was looking for less clunky, less mechanical (you’ll get the “less, less, more, more” reference in a minute) and with more joy in words, more fun in their writing.

Here are a few more ideas that have worked (stolen from @Xris32’s sentence project again – I can’t recommend it enough).

The “more, more” sentence seemed particularly popular with my students as their worked to rewrite the end of Dracula.  I think they liked the dramatics of it.

The more more (2)

  • The more screams, the more pain, the more death, the more doom.
  • High above the clouds I watched the pieces shatter, more pain, more weeping, more sorrow.
  • The more he thought, the more he cared, the more he died inside.
  • He was tired, the more tired he got, the more angry he became, the more angry he became, the more violence controlled him.
  • The more she watched, the  more she died as well.

Having said that, the “less, less” sentence was not to be outdone.

The less less

  • The less he backed off, the less it hurt, the less he felt, the less he cared.
  • The less he succeeded, the less he valued.
  • The closer he approached, the less she felt joy, the less she breathed, the less she lived.

More sensational sentences to follow soon…


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