Sensational sentences #3

I was pushing the boundaries a little with this one.  My year 12 literature class study Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw.  I love it.  The ambiguity makes it a fantastic text for debate.  James’ style and narrative makes him an equally fantastic model for writing lower down the school.  We don’t normally teach this more advanced form of rhetoric, however children hear it all the time, and so it seems familiar and less daunting that having to write a whole bunch of sentences with no guide at all.

Here are some of my favourites from this year, examples from year 7 and year 9 this time.



Year 9, a piece of original writing based on the character of Ralph in Lord of the Flies.

We shan’t wait until the time is right,
We shan’t fade into the darkness,
We shan’t let them steal our hope,
We shan’t be silent any longer.
We shall stand for what is right,
We shall keep hold of truth,
We shall remember,
We shall go home!

Antimetabole (which I pronounce – An-Tim-Ta-Bowl)


Year 7, original writing as part of our dystopian fiction work.

In the darkness of our society, hope gleams a light.  Light gleams as hope breaks the darkness in our society.

Pain and truth are forged together, linked until crushed by the Tech.  Together, forged are truth and pain, Tech crush what they have linked.

And finally, Anadiplosis (no, not a type of dinosaur):


Examples here from both year 7 dystopian fiction writing and year 9 Lord of Flies responses:

He clung on, hoping against all hope that the rain would come.  The rain would come soon enough, but would the storm follow?

The patrol hovered, waiting.  Waiting, almost impossible to detect, as the battle raged on.

Piggy shuddered, aware that his breathing creaked and stuttered, echoing off the rocks.  Echoing off the rocks too the sound of chanting, of feasting and that meant food.

More sensational sentences to follow soon!


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