Writing across the curriculum prompts

There are times when getting kids to write can be tough, English is a writing subject and although students moan and groan, they accept the inevitability of it.  But in every kid’s mind there are definitely subjects which are not writing subjects.  I’ll leave a blank here for you to create your own list of ‘not-writing-subjects’.

I was at a meeting with Ofsted in November, an inspector mentioned a school where during the course of his 3 day visit they saw the same class being asked to write a newspaper article in 4 different subjects.  Now I suspect that this was plain bad luck.  But from my own experience of looking at classwork books this year, there are a lot of newspaper articles out there.

For me, unless writing is about creating something real then it should be about creating something entertaining, engaging or inspiring.  In general (for me) newspaper articles do not tick these boxes.

It’s not hard for me to go for entertaining, engaging and inspiring in an English classroom.  It’s my job.

For other subject areas getting students to write at all is a challenge.  Perhaps if we approached it by asking students to write something that would entertain them, then would be less moany and groany about it.

After some routing around the internet, here are some finds so far on how writing can be entertaining, engaging and inspiring across the curriculum.  Please if you have any great finds let me know and I will add them.

My all time favourite inspiration for creative writing is Luke Neff’s site.


Writing prompts for PE: 


Writing prompts for science:


Writing prompts for maths:


Writing prompts for history, geography and social studies:


What have I missed?

Any great ideas you have used?

Please share.


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