MY SPAG toolkit

I have made and borrowed a lot of literacy resources over the last year, so this summer I have organised all of them into one lovely neat and tidy (for now) box.

Here is my SPAG toolkit.


The Bread and Butter:

The Alphabet

It bugs me that kids don’t shape their letters correctly, it bugs me when they say “I know when to use a capital, I’ll do it if it’s important” or “that’s what my capital p looks like”.  So now I just put one of these on each desk and tell them that if their capitals don’t look like capitals to me, then they will have to rewrite the piece of work.  Funnily enough, the kids really appreciated having these, a few of them spent a lot of time shaping their capitals so they looked exactly like the ones on the laminate.  The quality of their writing will take more time to improve but at least we can read it now.


Capitalise with Mints

Yes I know the picture below is American, I promise the one in my classroom isn’t.  I can’t find the original for the life of me.  When I do, I’ll change it.  Anyhow, I find this a pretty useful reminder of when and what to capitalise.

capitalise with mints

Developing writing skills:

Punctuation inspiration

These flashcards prove useful for revision and inspiration, they contain a reminder of punctuation rules along with fiction and non-fiction examples.

Punctuation inspiration

Sensational Sentences

A whole bunch of flashcards based on @XChris32 sentences, I use them almost everyday.

sensational sentences

Various “finished” and homework tasks:

I do have a set of “I’m done” tasks that I use, but for students in year 9 and KS4 I tend to use more demanding tasks for them when they have finished early, need homework or their parents request extra work.

Finished task 1

These tasks also include:

Sentence type worksheets, 5 min writing tasks, spot the grammar fail quizzes and some of my favourites from Words on Wednesday.

The grammar fail ones are invariably the most popular…(why thank you Taylor)

taylor swiftgrammar fail

Writing mats:

I have a whole batch of these, my favourites these days are my persuasive writing mat and the connectives mat.


SPAG and assessment tools:

Green pen marking stuff

Green pen marking is nothing new.  I have a supply of green biros and my green pen marking guide and students will often spend the first 10 mins of a lesson or a homework improving a piece of writing using my specific feedback.  In my experience this makes a big difference with the basic errors – such as capital letters, punctuation and spelling.

Grow and glow labels for self assessment

This self assessment tool is borrowed from Runde’s Room –

Students re-read a piece of work (for me this has generally been an essay) using a yellow highlighter to show where they have met or exceeded the assessment criteria and a green highlighter to show where they could improve their work.  They then fill in the Glow and Grow sticker which I then signed or add an additional comment to.

Glow and grow labels

Literacy target stickers

These aren’t as pretty as Ali’s Literacy plasters ( but they are very functional and I now don’t mark without them.

Literacy stickers


There is more to add but I think that’s enough for now.  I will upload all of my resources onto downloads soon.


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