#TMLiteracy – the best bits

Ok, ok, I am going to fess up from the top, ‘the best bits’ means everything. I loved #TMLiteracy. It was a mission to organise and I was terrified that no one would turn up and that it would be naff.  There is room for improvement, no doubt about it.  But for a stab in the dark, first time outing – I think we did pretty well.

Getting ready to rumble!

Getting ready

Setting the tone – our amazing students entertain guests as they arrive

girls singing 2

First up, we discussed our literacy washing line wishes. What are the biggest literacy challenges in your classroom? (Another post on this later).

literacy washing line

Then our hero, Mr Phil Stock @joeybagstock, got the ball rolling making a compelling argument for working at sentence level across every subject. Arguing that the sentence, not the vocabulary, is what establishes articulacy and demonstrates progress.

“We need to be masters of the sentence.” Go Phil!

Phil stock arguing for the sentence

It seemed that organising and co-hosting wasn’t enough, so I gamely shared two student talk to writing activities.  Nothing new I’m afraid and all readily available here on my blog.

LGE spidey sense spidey sense tmlit

Paul Robins, the first of our primary representatives shared his Helping Hands next.  Explaining how the ‘five fingered’ approach allows teachers and students to set very specific targets for improvement.  The idea being that the teacher sets 3 targets (3 fingers) for example – start a sentence using an adjective and then the student sets their own final 2 targets.   What an amazing idea – #magpie.

Paul Robins helping hands helping hands

Prize winners galore!

prize winners

prizes 2

The Fix Up Team’s own Bola, reminding us You Are Amazing.

Bola from fix up


After a short respite for sarnies and tea, we were back on with Sue Alexander @BuSue championing the use of academic word lists.  Check it out here: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/alzsh3/acvocab/

sue alexander

Rebeccah Hurst, a fellow Rdowner, shared her thought showers for Maths (and other subjects) allowing teachers to personalise stretch and challenge questions. Love this!

Rebeccah H thought showers

SwitchZoo http://www.switchzoo.com/zoo.htm from Ellie Byrne next.  Great for vocabulary development and general fun with words.

Ellie Byrne


Monica Patel explained the power of using graphic novels and visual stimuli to encourage students with low literacy levels.

monica patel

More happy prize winners!

prize winner 2 prizes

Like I said, it was all a best bit.


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