When the wind blows – Nurture 1314

13 things I loved in 2013:

1. My beautiful, hilarious, cheeky and completely inspiring girls.
Having three kids can be a handful, having three daughters is a handful and a half.  That half used to be filled with Barbie, glitter and Rainbow Magic books.  2013 has seen these replaced by smartphones, nail varnish and hair straighteners.  My girls are growing up fast and beautiful. Amelia is now in year 7 and doing so well that I grin like a fool just thinking about it.  My girls are amazing.

2. Home Steve.
If you haven’t heard me wax lyrical about my hubby, then you probably haven’t spoken to me.  You are my home, sweetheart. Always.

3. Family.
2013 has been one of the hardest and best years for our family, whilst I can’t air our laundry online. I will say this. Getting to see and hug every member of our family over the last couple of weeks has been very, very special.

4. Colleagues.
I work with some outstanding teachers, and not just in the O-way. Outstandingly compassionate, creative and inspiring.

5. Twitter friends.
2013 was the year I met many of my “twitter friends” – this has made me very happy.

6. Teachmeets.
Hosting and attending teachmeets has been a great and unexpected tag-on this year.  I loved #TMEng and #TLT13.  I loved, loved organising and co-hosting #TMLiteracy.

7. Getting better at teaching.
I am still new to teaching. I get nervy and unsure of myself.  The successes of 2013 went a long way to giving me some teaching backbone.

8. 11×3 – saw the mountain, climbed it, conquered it.
Enough said

9. Reading and encouraging reading.
read away

10. Year 12.
I genuinely don’t know what I would do without my amazing year 12 students, both last year’s gang and my newly minted ones.  I have so much respect for students who will get stuck into Henry James, having only studied R&J and Of Mice and Men.  They have willingly let me try out a bunch of new teaching ideas.

11. Blogging.
I have really enjoyed sharing ideas on my blog this year.  I am not massively opinionated on education stuff, at least, not so as I can articulate online.  But I do love sharing my ideas and then seeing what happens when others magpie and improve them.

12.  Literacy role at school.
Every term I see progress.  I love that I have been given this opportunity and that my school takes literacy seriously.

13. Have I mentioned how much I love my family?

14 Wishes for 2014:

1. Work/life balance – more time with my girls and Home Steve.
2. Sort out my MA – stop pretending to do it and actually just do it!
3. To write. Not blog. But go back to writing.
4. Getting better at marking efficiently.
5. Keep going with DIRT and feedback.
6. Keep aiming to get that illusive outstanding – yes, yes, I know. It’s not about the rating.
7. See this year’s 11×3 out-do last year’s.
8. More TeachMeet madness (maybe even a #TMEng in London).
9. Read more – not just the trash I read to help me sleep.
10. Persuade Home Steve to go abroad on holiday (this is a big ask).
11. Do more cultural stuff in London.
12. Enjoy my classroom time. Help students find joy in learning.
13. Throwaway bits of paper I don’t need .
14. Maybe, maybe think about a role change / promotion.


One thought on “When the wind blows – Nurture 1314

  1. Enjoyed reading this – thanks for sharing!

    Hope you’re having a great Christmas holiday with your family, and good luck for 2014 – may (at least some) of your dreams come true….


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