Crowdsourced research – next steps

My recent post on the possibility of taking part in some crowdsourced research on essay writing garnered more interest than I was prepared for.  Here is a first stab at next steps. Thank goodness it’s the holidays.

Here is where we are:

  • The proposal still stands.
  • The English and Media Centre (@EngMediaCentre) have offered to discuss.  I would like to explore their participation further, as EMC always seem ahead of the game nationally and have a wealth of resources and knowledge that it would be foolish to ignore.
  • Over 20 teachers / schools have already expressed an interest in participating.  Thank you! That’s over 1000 students, who may possibly be part of this study, which would be absolutely amazing.
    Interested teachers are listed here – please add yourself if you aren’t there or fill in the details if I have already added you.  I am very happy for participants to stay anonymous.
  • A number of others have offered support in terms of sourcing literature, providing insight and thought, which I am very grateful for.



Where now:

  • I am in the midst of writing a project proposal which I will share with EMC and here over the next few days.  Any volunteers, who would like to sense check and proofread, would be gratefully appreciated.
  • In order for this study to be rigorous, we will need to agree a quite structured approach to how we deliver the classroom elements of the research.  If anyone (whether able to participate or not) feels like getting involved in helping to plan this bit, then let me know.
  • Part of this will be the content of the lessons themselves.  I am thinking of a poem – that we would all teach.  Anyone want to nominate something?  It would need to be a typically unpopular choice for KS3. Keats maybe?
  • Initial thoughts on timings are looking like gathering all the evidence in September or October 14, so we can analyse shortly after.  However we may be able to move more quickly depending on the scale we attempt to tackle.
  • If anyone would like to offer to be a hub coordinator for schools in their area, that would be amazing.
  • TeachMeet Essay Writing for the summer anyone? (she half jokes)

Here are where all the relevant documents can be found for now:

Original post

Interested participants – – googledoc (thanks to @Joe__Kirby for being a tireless champion of crowdsourcing and shared docs).

Thank you to everyone for their support and interest in this.

you rock



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