Thank you

I don’t know whether you mark the longest day, we do.  It coincides with our wedding anniversary.  Not by artifice, but by accident – like so much of my life.  16 years is not bad. Particularly given that this year has been one of the hardest.

I don’t want to get into ‘that’ here.  But I do want to say a few thank yous. There are a whole bunch of people outside of my family, who have (probably entirely unknowingly) kept me going this year.

So the longest day this year coincided with another anniversary of sorts.  The day we said “life is good again”.  We sat in the sun, drank a glass of wine (just one), watched the kids play in the garden and were thankful.  Thankful for the days that feel the longest and thankful for the longest day.

I don’t think I say thank you enough.  So I am going to set that right now –  here friends, is my thank you to you – for helping make life good again.

@Gwenelope – for unfailingly being there, day and night, for keeping an eye without expecting anything back. Your hugs keep me going.

@ASTsupportAAli – for honest to god, making me laugh every week.

@joeybagstock – for being the nicest bloke on twitter.

@Xris32 – for being the nicest bloke on twitter, who lives up north.

@fod3 – for dragging me out to Wellington when I had nowhere else to go.

@agwilliams9 – for keeping an eye on what I eat.

@KerryPulleyn and @FranNantongwe – for unfailing cheerfulness and positivity.

@tstarkey1212 and @willtayloruk – for making me laugh.

@HuntingEnglish@joe__kirby and @LearningSpy – for keeping me interested in the intellectual side of my subject.

@Edutronic_Net – love you x.

@c0rvuscorvus – for appreciation of Katie Morag, jumpers and students annotating their own work.

@DrPhoenix21@DiLeed and @cazzwebbo – for being new friends.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few, but please know – I am thankful.

Thanks for reading x


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