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Update on the Teach First Innovation Awards

We had a remarkable evening at the Teach First Innovation Awards on Thursday 3 September. There is a buzz and optimism about Teach First that is the tonic we need after so long feeling, as a former award winner described it, like a ‘lone wolf’.

The other finalists are a great bunch and all of their ideas are stellar. We recommend you take a look at their ideas:

The Advocacy Academy @AdvocacyAcademy

Graduate School of Education @matthewhood

The Grub Club @thegrubclub2015

Mindful Music @MindfulMusicLdn

Powered by Me (no website / Twitter yet)

Tales Toolkit @TalesToolkit

We are looking forward to working with them – and are hoping that despite The Advocacy Academy and Powered by Me not winning in this round, that there will still be support available to help them get lift-off for what are clearly strong ideas.

Winners 2

We were of course…

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