Non-fiction texts 2016 #2


I am looking at Question 2 with my CIE iGCSE groups this week.

So here is a new text that can be used for Q1 and Q2.

It’s a mostly-made-up-by-me travel blog about a women travelling in Morocco.

Travelling Tough – text only – this one is just the blog, with no questions.

Travelling Tough – iGCSE Q2 question – here’s a version with the Q2 on it.

Travelling Tough – annotated for teachers – here’s where I’ve annotated it with possible quotes.

If you are using it for Q1 as well.

I would suggest that you might set the following question.

You are Sara Jones. You are being interviewed by a representative from the Moroccan tourist board about your trip.  Write the words of the interview. Start with the first question.

  • What are your most positive memories of your time in Morocco?
  • What did you find most difficult during your trip?
  • What advice would you give to other women travelling to Morocco?

Be careful to use your own words as far as possible. Aim to write between 200 – 250 words.

Here is the source document for the blog, as you can see I changed it extensively.


Non-Fiction texts for 2016

Another term, another set of mocks are upon us.

Whether you are all in with the iGCSE (for the final time), prepping for the legacy non-fiction exam or even getting your head around the new spec non-fiction exam – I hope you can use this text (and the ones I will add over the next few weeks) with your GCSE classes.

Non-fiction next for w/c 11 Jan 2016


CSI Whales:  the dissection of stranded or beached whales (dolphins and porpoises) reveals a variety of reasons for death and starks facts about the threat of human activity to marine life.

3 versions below:

CSI Whale – text only (no questions included)

CSI Whales – text and questions – CIE iGCSE Extended Reading paper Q2 included

If you are a non-UK teacher – this question forces pupils to read for comprehension and implied meaning and then restate the information in the fact on their own words and in a different format.

CSI Whales – annotated for teachers– highlighted for teachers for the above Q2 (not an answer key exactly but at least a guide)

Of course, you can use for Q3 as well for the iGCSE paper.

I will try and post a set for the new GCSE with short answer questions and a transactional writing task as soon as I can!  If my kids write good example answers, I will post those as well…(fingers crossed for this!).

Here is the source document for most of this text.

Have a great rest of your week!